Music Department
Saddleback College
Mission Viejo, California


Raising Young Stars – Russian Music/Arts/Performing Arts Education System and State Support for The Arts vs Alternative Systems in Other Parts of The World – Their Success Stories and Challenges


A lecture on the traditions of engaging millions of children in the arts and developing outstanding music/dance/arts stars in the process, as well as how this is closely related to the music/arts education system and general nurturing of the arts in Russia. Comparison to
music/arts education and support systems in other areas of the world – Europe, Asia, North and South America, their pros and cons. Describes establishment, development, current state and influence abroad of the celebrated Russian Music School, including world-renown Moscow and St. Petersburg Conservatories and schools for Gifted Children. Other related arts and their educational systems in Russia are described, as well. Discusses some specifics, such as course and lessons organization, competitiveness, curriculum, requirements for students. Summarizes the best approaches from different systems. Q and A session at the end.

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