Prizztech, Ltd.
Pori, Finland

Degree Program of Cultural Production and Landscape Studies
University of Turku
Pori, Finland


Internet of Play – Testing Augmented Playful Learning Through the Flipped Classroom Approach


This study explores the relation between learning experiences of preschool children and an Augmented Reality application used in connection to a geocaching trail. We have created a game-based learning environment based on the treasure hunt of the geocaching game that utilizes Augmented Reality (AR) technology. By using this game-based learning environment and the Flipped Classroom approach as a conceptual framework in understanding the emerging role of augmented learning experiences in the preschool context, we have conducted play-tests with preschool-aged children. Our aim is to understand which kind of elements the Internet of Play, as in an augmented game-based learning environment contextualized on a geocaching trail affords, in terms of enjoyment, motivation and opportunities for playful learning.

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