University of Central Arkansas

Title I
Engaging Students Through Real-Life Mathematics: Police Station Problem

When a city wants to build a new police station, the question that needs to be asked is where the best location to minimize the response time to a call when one comes in. This is the question that we will answer using a technique called method of random search. By analyzing the district breakdown of the city, the frequency of calls to each district, and the gridding of the city, we can answer that burning question, and begin to see how teaching secondary mathematics can be more meaningful, more engaging, and ultimately, more real.

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STEM: Charting the Weather

Thirty teachers participated in a professional development course that integrated science, mathematics, literacy, and technology for elementary/middle level teachers. Using one of the lessons pertaining to weather, the speaker will share a fourth grade teacher’s implementation of the project with his students as well as several of the students’ power point presentations.

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