Utah Valley University

Title 1
Intersection of Math, Origami, Technology, and Art

Synopsis 1
A math-art project that includes explorations with GeoGebra software will be described. The presentation will display how art and technology can be integrated as an in or out of math class project. The project was used at a regional STEM conference for junior-high female students, but part of this project could be adapted to different college classes.

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Title 2
Hands-on Math Activities that Engage Girls in Math, Science and Art

Synopsis 2
Since 2007 the presenter has led outreach programs and participated in other outreach activities that engage undergraduate math/math-ed majors and high school students. In this presentation various hands-on math engagement activities used throughout these years will be presented. Those hands-on activities show that math is fun, interesting, and exciting, and demonstrate that math is behind various applications in origami and art. In
addition, feedback from participating students will be shared.

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