Department of Interior Design
Tainan University of Technology
Tainan, Taiwan

Garlic Cheese Flavor and Clam Style: Study on the Trend of Adopted Style of Innovative Assimilation of Yuan Qu in Yuan Ci

1. Introduction
This paper is divided into five parts, would discuss Yuan Qu transformed Yuan Ci into new artistic style clam style and presented with significance and features of time.
2. Qu transformation of langue
The most significant effect of Yuan Qu on Yuan Ci is the great amount of colloquial writing in language.
3. Qu transformation of content
The most common themes in Yuan Ci were the expression of withdrawal from society and criticism of the time.
4. Qu transformation of style
By blending style of Qu in Ci, it enhances diversity of style of Yuan Ci and different styles can result in unique artistic effect.
5. Conclusion
The conflict and exchange between elegant and folk culture led to aesthetic characteristics with the significance of time and features of literature in Yuan Dynasty.

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